A2B E-Dressage League

A2B e-Dressage League – Rules and Regulations

  1. When you enter any A2B E-Dressage Class you must accept and abide by the Rules and Terms & Conditions as listed below.
  2. Riders who are 16yrs and under must have their parents consent to enter. Please state name and age if under 16 when entering online. 
  3. Once you have entered a class you cannot be refunded, if for some reason you are unable to compete we can transfer your entry to the following month. 
  4. Please make sure that you submit your video on time as anything late will not be accepted and no refund will be given.
  5. Any Video that has been taken for the purpose of multiple entries or from another competition will be disqualified. The Video must be introduced with the date, time and class. No refund will be given upon disqualification.
  6. You may not enter a class more than one levels below your highest entry. E.G If you are entering Elementary you may not enter Prelim, only Novice or above.
  7. Copyright laws must be followed to when submitting any video footage or photographs or printed material. A2B Equestrian will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor
  8. Riders must wear an approved riding hat and A2B Equestrian do not take any responsibility for an injury that occurs to the horse or rider when videoing the test.
  9. If wearing a show jacket and attire then the horse must be wearing boots and bandages.
  10. Tests can be downloaded for free on the British Riding Club, Dressage Ireland and British Eventing Websites. 


Class 1 – No horse and Rider combination to have achieved 65% or above at BD Prelim level. 

Class 2  – No horse and rider combination to be competing BD Elementary / A2B Intermediate or above. 

Class 3 - No horse and rider combination to be competing BD Medium / A2B Advance Intermediate or above,

We reserve the right to spot check entries and if it is deemed that a horse and rider combination are too advanced for a class then they can only ride HC.

How to enter:

There are two ways to send your video:

  1.  Via our Facebook page A2B e-Dressage – You can upload your video to the chosen event for that month. You must label the video with your name, horses name, test and order reference No.
  2.  If you have a YouTube account then you can upload and share the link on the event page you have entered. Or you can email info@a2bequestrian.com with the entry.

For a complete list of rule, regulations, and how to video please click here: Terms and Conditions .