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A2B e-Dressage League – Rules and Regulations

  1. When you enter any A2B E-Dressage Class you must accept and abide by the Rules and Terms & Conditions as listed below.
  2. Riders who are 16yrs and under must have their parents consent to enter. If under 16yrs it must be the parent who enters online and makes payment. We do not hold contact details for minors, it will be the parent that we contact should there be any issues, 
  3. Once you have entered a class you cannot be refunded.
  4. The closing date for each competition will be published on our website and facebook page.  Please make sure that you submit your video on time as anything late will not be accepted and no refund will be given.
  5. Tests will be posted once results are posted.
  6. Any Video that has been taken for the purpose of multiple entries or from another competition will be disqualified. The Video must be introduced with the date, time and class. No refund will be given upon disqualification.
  7. Videos submitted will not be published without consent and are never used for any purpose other than for the Dressage Judge to review. 
  8. You may not enter a class more than one levels below your highest entry. E.G If you are entering Elementary you may not enter Prelim, only Novice or above.
  9. Copyright laws must be followed to when submitting any video footage or photographs or printed material. A2B Equestrian will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of infringement of copyright laws by any competitor
  10. Riders must wear an approved riding hat and A2B Equestrian do not take any responsibility for an injury that occurs to the horse or rider when videoing the test.
  11. If wearing a show jacket and attire then the horse must be wearing boots and bandages.


  1. Intro – No horse and Rider combination to have achieved 65% or above at Intro level.
  2. Prelim – No horse and rider combination to be competing Elementary or above. 
  3. Novice – No horse and rider combination to be competing Medium or above,
  4. We reserve the right to spot check entries and if it is deemed that a horse and rider combination are too advanced for a class then they can only ride HC.

How to enter:

There are two ways to send your video:

  1.  Via our Facebook page A2B e-Dressage – You can upload your video to the chosen event for that month. You must label the video with your name, horses name, test and order reference No. The tests will not be published without permission. 
  2.  If you have a YouTube account then you can upload and share the link on the event page you have entered. Or you can email with the entry.

How to Video:

  1. The person videoing must stand behind C on the centre line with a landscape aspect which will capture the full arena.
  2. The arena must be correctly marked and size appropriate. Short Arena tests 20m x 40m, Long Arena tests 20m x 60cm. The arena can be on grass or an indoor/out door arena.
  3. Sound must be turned on, you will be disqualified if not.
  4. Callers are permitted but trainers may not assist during the videoed test.
  5. The video must be introduced before the test commences (Date/Time, Horse/Rider and Test number). The video it may not be edited with any cuts and you must video until the horse and rider leaves the arena.

Tack & Turnout

  1. You do not need to wear show attire but you and your horse must look smart.
  2. An approved Riding Hat must be worn with suitable footwear ( a riding sole with heal, not trainers).
  3. Horses must wear Boots and or Bandages if you are wearing a show jacket and whites.


  1. For Introductory/ Preliminary/ Novice tests – You can use an ordinary snaffle bridle;
  2. Elementary and above – You can use a snaffle or double bridle.
  3. Nosebands must be worn – a cavesson, drop,  grackle or flash with a snaffle or a cavesson with a double bridle.
  4. Bits – Only BD permitted bits:

Loose ring snaffle, snaffle with jointed mouthpiece where the middle piece should be rounded, Egg-butt snaffle, D-ring or racing snaffle, Loose ring snaffle with cheeks (Fulmer), Fulmer keepers are permitted, Snaffle with upper cheeks only, Hanging cheek snaffle, Straight bar snaffle (Must be straight with no ports or raised bumps), Snaffle with rotating mouthpiece, Snaffle with rotating middle piece, rotary bit with rotating middle piece. The Happy Mouth Bit HB-6000-SP and the HB-6801-SP model are allowed.

Please note that Bombers Equestrian’s Flexible Mullen and Loose Ring Ultra Comfy, as well as eight types of Myler bit are permitted under the new rules.

Remember No bit guards are allowed

  1. You may not use martingales or side reins (running or elasticised) in any class
  2. Neck straps or balancing straps may be used at all levels,
  3. Spurs and a whip may also be used
  4. No exercise fleeces or sheets to be worn while riding your test.
  5. Boots and Bandages are to be worn if the Rider is wearing Show attire. If not they are optional. 

Judges and Results

  1. Rosettes will be awarded 1st to 6th place - entries dependent.
  2. The Judges decision is final. There is to be no negative commenting of any kind on our social media platforms. You will be removed straight away with no notice. If you wish to appeal a score or raise a concern then this must be made in writing within 24hrs of receiving your mark.
  3. If you find a mistake with the score calculation then please ensure you contact us via email within 24 hours of receiving your score and sheet so that we can rectify.

Class Numbers

Depending on the number of entries classes maybe be split with a max of 30 competitors in each class. If this does happen then there will be rosettes to 6th place in each group but only one overall 1st prize to the highest score.

League Points

We will run a Spring/ Summer and Autumn/Winter League. The spring league commences April 1st  and Autumn 1st October.

Competitions will run Bi-Monthly. Please make sure you check the open and close dates for each class as there is a 6 week window for entering each one.
Points will be allocated on your placings.

1st Place – 10 points

2nd place – 8 points

3rd place – 6 points

4th Place – 4 points

5th place – 2 points

6th place  - 1 point

Points will be totalled at the end of each league season and the rider with the highest points will be deemed the winner.